Meat and Meat By-Products

The export of meat & meat products is an important element in the Ethiopian economy as there is an ever-increasing demand for meat & meat products worldwide including beef, sheep, goat, processed meats, etc both as fresh and frozen products.

Ethiopia has the opportunity to respond to this international demand & increase its market share in what is a very lucrative trade, subject to its meeting the stringent requirements demanded by livestock & meat importing countries.

The country exports various types of processed meat. Meat products exported from Ethiopia include carcass chilled/frozen beef, veal, mutton, goat meat and meat cuts chilled/frozen, beef prime cuts, lamb racks/roll, goulash and goat racks. The meat by-products exported include, intestine, testis, liver, brain, lung, kidney and abomasum’s.

Ethiopian, geographical proximity, as its’ jumping off point to Middle East, enabled to export meat of 6490 tons worth of 20.86 million USD in 2008 in 5 export abattoirs named With gradual increase to 14 exporting abattoirs, the export attained to 19110 tons of carcass and offal for 92.65 million USD in 2019, but declined to 14750 tons and 80.79 million USD in 11 active export abattoirs, during 2021 meat export (chilled chevron, mutton, beef carcasses, and offal

In this regard currently Tamrin international trading plc by signing slaughter service agreement with Organic export abattoir and HALAL Foods Industries PLC in Ethiopia. the company planning to expand its business to middle east countries by exporting selected and special quality chilled meat caraccas of Goat and sheep According to the import standards required of the governments .