Livestock Export Marketing


The livestock is an important sub-sector within Ethiopia’s economy in terms of its contributions to both agricultural value-added and national GDP.


Ethiopia has the largest livestock population of any African Country. According to central statics agency (CSA 2021) there are 70 million heads of cattle, 42.9 million sheep, 52 million goats,2.15 million horses,10.8 million donkeys,0.38 million mules, 8.1 million camels,6.99 million hives and about 57 million chickens.


The promise and potential of the Ethiopian livestock value chain is to become a thriving industry that can produce packaged meats destined for Middle Eastern, European and East African markets.

Therefore, Tamrin international trading plc is working to introduce a proper and improved feeding, fattening, animal health care and other services contribute to national income growth, meet future domestic consumption requirements, and increase meat and live animal exports and foreign exchange earnings