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Tamrin International Trading PLC has been striving for excellence for years.Ethiopia is investing billions of dollars every year in infrastructure developments of all economic sectors ranging from agriculture to hydro electric power and from telecommunications to education and other social sectors. This creates ample opportunities for business entities like our company to grow up with the nation and seize the opportunity to contribute its share in the march to development. Understanding these great opportunities to fill the gap in the supply side of the country's demand for capital goods,Tamrin has been invovled in Automotive and Machinery; importing various class vehicles including Earthmoving Dump Trucks and Heavy Machinery. Tamrin since its beginnings has been importing and distributing General merchandise in the likes of Bitumen, Timber and reinforcement steel rebars. all these inputs into the Economy of ethiopia are feulling the exponential growth our country is going through. Ethiopia has a vast population working in the Agricultural sector and Coffee is one of the major export items of ethiopia, together with Sesame which is grown on a mechanized and organic Certified (EU and USDA-NOP) 600 hectare farm, plus Beans, peas, Spices and other Oilseeds forms our Agri Export Products.
To be one of the best trading partner and manufacturer in East Africa that promotes construction work, exports Ethiopian Agricultural products and imports different ranges of vehicles and machinery
Tamrin International Trading PLC will lead the import and export market, manufacturing, construction, and service industries in East Africa by providing quality products with a passion for customer-driven services. We will emphasize training, entertain diversity and provide growth opportunities for our employees and associates. We will lead our industries in the application of appropriate technologies. We will operate at the highest levels of ethics and compliance with a focus on exemplary corporate governance, supplementing Ethiopia’s sustainable development. We will deliver value to our shareholders, positive operating results and industry-leading earnings

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Core Values

We Tamrin International Trading PLC are committed to being one of the best at what we do. This is achieved by:

• Uncompromised quality

• Making our customers our number one priorities

• Achieve the largest market share in the country for car assembly, export and import business

• Keep consistent excellence in business, and flexibility to adjust the operation under the prevailing changes

• Continuous improvement

• Create job opportunities

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