Tamrin international trading private limited company took its name from a great merchant from the Kingdom of axum (Ethiopia) who as legend has it, went through highs and lows to provide his customers with fitting products. As one of Ethiopia’s thriving trading companies, Tamrin has been providing both its local and international customers with satisfying service blooming in both the import and export sectors. The trading company has established other sister companies like Amente Construciton Works, Melens PLC. Manufacturing plant specialized in packaging and tissue manufacturing, Demera Hotel and Tour PLC. And, Kibrom G/Giorgis Transport service. In the processes of thriving to one of the most prominent private trading companies in Ethiopia over the years,

Tamrin has been introducing and catering the world with the country’s most desired products like Different oilseeds, Coffee, and Sesame seeds, Horse beans, Check peas, Uncrushed pepper, Lupine and prepared product specific warehouses at different parts of the city like Gonder, Humera, and Metema while concurrently providing and familiarizing Ethiopian markets with international products including the ranges JAC Motor, Suzuki Motor, FOTON Truck, SINO Truck and machineries as the nation’s needs for modern vehicles and large machineries are increasing. dealing with wide ranges of products and customers Tamrin has managed to stay specific and dedicated to each of its products through out years of services

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